Who is your Master. By Pastor Anthony Nebarwe

Text: Matthew 6:19-21, 24


In this life we can only have one master. Unfortunately we live in a materialistic era where many people are serving money.
They spend all their lives collecting and storing it, only to die and leave it behind. Their desire for money and what it can buy far outweighs their commitment to God and spiritual matters.
Whatever you store up, you will spend much of your time and energy thinking about thereby having mastery over you.

1. When Money Rules Over You

a) You don’t tithe at all, or faithfully.

b) You ignore the leading of the Holy Spirit in your offerings.

c) You will absent yourself from church on a drizzling Sunday morning but
go out to work during a storm on a Monday morning and on time.

d) You can do anything to get money e.g. sleep late, overwork, sell your soul,
kill, sacrifice etc.

e) In a marriage there will be fighting, cheating, suspicion, mistrust,
disharmony etc.

f) You live in perpetual debt.

2. Helps On Handling Money

a) You are supposed to rule over money not money to rule over you.

b) Your heart follows your treasure, hence put your treasure where you
want your life to be.

c) Avoid misplacing your affections and loyalty because of personal
possessions, sell unnecessary or distracting possessions and give the
money to the poor or to the Lord’s work.

d) Practice financial faithfulness and generosity towards God! Stop any
form of hoarding or laying up of treasures on Earth.

e) Use material wealth for the Kingdom not for personal selfish ambition.

f) Free your heart off from your possessions, do not seek security in the money you have or material possessions.


Can you honestly say God and not money is your master? Ask yourself which one occupies more of your thoughts, time and efforts.
We should not be over excited by our possessions, lest they possess us. God alone deserves to be our master. Either we store our treasures with God, focus our eyes on Him and serve Him alone or else we do not serve him at all.

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