I am pleased to welcome all of you here in the name of God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit and on behalf of the national youth executive.

I am very much excited in my spirit to say that, 2018 Area youth camp, marks the beginning of a landmark in the growth processes of the COPSA.  I want to dress up the headaches that come with organizing a camp, in these words; It has not been easy, but it is worth it and it has become possible.

We want to express our gratitude to the National head of COPSA, Apostle Dr. Dela Quampah for his personal interest in the youth and his burden to ensure the youth instrument in the Church is vitalized. Together with his entire executives, the Youth ministry is grateful.

We also express our gratitude to Johannesburg area Coordinator, Pastor James Alfred Quaicoe, our host district Pastor and his executives and the Jhb area pastorate for their burden to ensure we run this maiden camp, successfully without deficit. We are aware of all those sacrifices and your bits to ensure the camp happens; May your labour never be in vain and may your reward be great.  

Our theme is “Sound basic gospel produces sound youth” carved from 1 John 2:24-25, and our slogan is, “back to basics.” and this camp shall empower us to repent from possible high mindedness and the temptations that come from being overly aware, interested and updated with all other things in the world but scripture. Some of you will understand after this camp the biblical reasons to “why we don’t do what we don’t do and why we do what we do

Please let it be on records that, the reflection of Dr. Dela  Quampah (national head) is true; “the purpose of COPSA youth ministry is not Youth Camp”, in that spirit , I want to charge all participants to go back to your various local Churches and light up, by attending your scheduled youth services and penetrate our communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The primary purpose for camp 2018 is to Challenge the youth for a cause, through the foundational instruments of our fathers (Tenets); I am very optimistic that, we can change the course of affairs in the World today through our tertiary institutions, but these ideas will be still born if you graduate and you decide to leave COPSA also.  In relation to scripture, I can tell you for a fact that, we are living in desperately dangerous times and we must be able to consistently and persistently engage the conditions around us with scripture and our biblical lifestyles and Christian TREND settings.

You are my witness that, today our high schools and tertiary institutions have become the cesspools of immorality, rebellion and the hotbed for anti-Christian worldviews and the future Parents, teachers, journalists, politicians, engineers, doctors, lawyers, scientist, bakers and business men and women are currently studying on that campus; that makes our campuses a strategic harvest field.

Since you are in that college, university and high school, can you please explore the opportunity for us to come into such environment with PENSA, which is long overdue? All you need to do is to get interested and hit a button to send a whatshap message to 071 847 0271. The incentives for doing that are many.

I want to specially thank all our facilitators who accepted our invitation to come and impart anointing, knowledge and experience. To our first – time campers, you are warmly welcome to fellowship in our spirit filled environment.

Let me close off by this; if you snooze at this camp, you will lose. Catch both the letter and the spirit as we sharpen our basics. Never forget that Sound basic biblical teaching will produce Sound YOU!

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