Children’s Ministry

The Children's Ministry

The Children’s Ministry, which is the children’s wing of the Church, meets on Sundays before the adult service.

The Children’s Ministry trains children along biblical precepts of balanced growth. This includes lessons on Salvation, Worship and Obedience. It supports such training with games, quizzes and Sword Drills.

Additionally, it ministers to primary schools and orphans and organizes vacation Bible schools and camp meetings. It also conducts counselling sessions, organizes media evangelism, and carries out other specialized children-related functions.

National Children's Leader

Pastor Eric Bampo

Jesus Friend of Children

The vision and the mission of the Children Movement

To bring all children to the church to be blessed
To nurture the children along the brilliant mentors in the bible
To offer all kinds training which will the children proactive in the church and the society
To offer training to parents and guardians children up-bring
All the grandaunts from the children are ushered into the youth as steps in developing into fruitful adults

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National Office

59 Kempton Road, Kempton Park Johannesburg South Africa

Contact Info

+27 11 394 0608 / +27 11 394 0919

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